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SEPTEMBER 27, 2013
Friday 17:00 to 24:00
SEPTEMBER 28, 2013
Saturday 00:00 to 24:00
SEPTEMBER 29, 2013
Sunday 00:00 to 22:00
Saulėtekio ave. 5,
Vilnius, Lithuania
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App Camp is a place where new contacs are being made, where new ideas are born and new co-operations are being established P. Lazauskas,

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I attend these kind of events in the whole world and I can say that App Camp is one of the top ones. D. Koc, Samsung


App Camp challenges



Tommy Palm
Anatoly Ropotov
Game Insight / innoWate
Paul Wilshaw
Teemu Tapanila


Friday, September 27th, 2013
Saturday, September 28th, 2013
Sunday, September 29th, 2013
17:00 Registration
18:00 Intro & Welcome
18:45 - Get Funded Now - Teemu Tapanila
19:20 The mobile experience - Paul Wilshaw
20:00 Creating Candy Crush – King's Recipe for Sweet Success - Tommy Palm
20:30 Networking and Team Building
08:30 Team Registration
09:00 Light Breakfast
10:00 Team Time: App Development
12:00 Lunch Time
13:00 Mentoring Session - Feedback & Improve
17:00 Team Time: App Development
09:00 Light Breakfast
10:00 Team Time: App Development
12:00 Lunch Time
13:00 Project Submission Deadline
14:00 Final Pitch Preparation
16:00 Final 90 Seconds Pitches
19:00 7 pillars of growing your products to 10+ million users - Anatoly Ropotov
20:00 Awards and Closing Party



Vidas Miliauskas
Target Works
Aurelija Urbonavičiūtė
Deividas Talijūnas
Živilė Glaveckaitė
BZN start
Aurimas Matkevičius
Audrys Leimontas
Rokas Kondratas
App Camp / GREIPO.LT
Samuel Pavin
Kushtrim Xhakli
Simonas Sturys

UX & Design

Ramunė Norkutė
Idea Code
Jekaterina Romanovskaja
Bentley Systems
Evaldas Urbonas
Kristofer Öberg
Bart Masschelein
App Camp
Alius Petraška
App Camp
Paul Wilshaw
Justina Šidlauskienė
Tadas Valaitis
App Camp

Business Development

Ivan Bretan
Jonas Davalga
Martynas Nikolajevas
Viena sąskaita
Justinas Katkus
Startup Space
Gintas Balčiūnas
Edgaras Leichteris
Knowledge Economy Forum
Andrius Gintalas
Andrius Baranauskas
Vinted / Mano Drabužiai
Šarūnas Legeckas
Gediminas Pauliukevičius
Northtown technology park
Tomas Valiukas
Cheap Data Communications
Mindaugas Glodas
Anatoly Ropotov
Game Insight / innoWate
Remigijus Štaras
RS Consulting Baltics


Egidijus Globys
App Camp
Tautvydas Dagys
Darius Kavaliauskas
Vilius Kraujutis
Mano Drabužiai
Mantas Puida
Pawel Jurkun
Šarūnas Kazlauskas
Teemu Tapanila
Vykintas Valkaitis
App Camp
Pavel Lašta
Sergejus Barinovas
Mantas Klasavičius


Rokas Tamošiūnas
Žanas Gongapševas
Arūnas Karlonas
Marius Krikštopaitis
Donatas Keras
Practica Capital
Will Cardwell
Daiva Rakauskaitė
Business Angels Fund I
Arūnas Vizickas
LTk Capital
Darius Žakaitis
StartupHighway, Viena sąskaita
Tomas Marcinkus
Tadas Langaitis
Global Lithuanian Leaders


Who should attend App Camp 2013?

App Camp is an event for people who share passion about mobile applications. These people usually are:
- Mobile developers; 
- Design and UX experts;
- Marketing people, product managers, startupers and idea executors.

Teams of at least 2 and at most 5 persons are allowed to enter App Camp competition. Without a team entrants can register their idea and form their team before and at the event. Entrants will need to submit a registration form.

Teams that already have an application in development but not yet been announced may also enter App Camp.

What is Pre App Camp?

Pre App Camp is training cycle held one month before App Camp event. You can learn a lot of things about mobile platforms, design, marketing by attending them.

It is a great place to form your teams too!

What should I bring?

There’s no need to bring anything special to App Camp but you’ll feel better with:

- A laptop;

- Smartphone or tablet;

- A business card.

What can I expect from mentors?

Participating teams will be guided by mentors representing a wide variety of specialities and skills. Mentors will be separated into five groups:

- Marketing;

- Design & UX;

- Business development;

- IT (iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8);

- Business funding.

Do I need to register?


App Camp is absolutely free of charge, thats why you or your team has to register online.

One team member registers other members of his team. You don't need to register separately.

If you haven't got a team yet, please register and choose the competence which suits you the best: hacker, huslter or designer.

Can journalists attend the event?

Sure! Please go to the attendee registration form and choose PRESS in the dropdown menu.

Can I register without a team?

Of course you can. Register as hacker, hustler or designer. During the opening evening and Pre App Camp seminars you will find team members for the missing roles.

What are the criteria?

If you want to win App Camp 2013, you have to fit these criteria:

- Globally scalable idea and its potential;

- Actuality of the problem the app solves;

- Business model;

- Completeness of the product;

- Jury's love :)

On which OS can I build my app?

Your choice. It could be all major operating systems:

- iOS;

- Android;

- Windows Phone & Windows 8;

- Others...

Who can win?

Mobile app or prototype which will suit the evaluation criteria.

Who's in jury?

Tomas Martūnas / App Camp

Kristijonas Kaikaris / Microsoft

Tautvydas Dagys / Microsoft

Jonas Davalga / Omnitel

Živilė Glaveckaitė / BZN Start

Mindaugas Rutkauskas / Litexpo

Dovydas Varkulevičius / Enterprise Lithuania

others TBA...

Can several teams develop apps for one particular challenge?

Yes. But remember, only the best wins!

What app should I create?

You can create any app you like. Of course, if you would like to win great prizes, you should focus on mobile startup, which would have potential to grow in a world wide business and scale easily.

When will final entrants be anounced?

If you managed to register - you are already participating!

Will the Event be in English?

Yes, all official parts of the event will be held in English. 

Should I finish my application during the event?

We will only ask to show us a prototype of your application on Sunday's final pitch.

But to get the prizes, you need to finish your product until the 20th of December, 2013.

If I develop application for App Camp challenge, can I still win main prizes?


Do I need to pitch my idea?

No. Ideas are not pitched at App Camp. We only require to pitch your final prototypes in the end of event.

Will my IP be protected?

Unfortunately App Camp cannot guarantee the protection of your Intellectual Property (IP).

If you believe you idea has big value, we would recommend you do not register your idea as attendees are not asked to sign an NDA by App Camp.

Is there anything else to know?


If you develop your application at App Camp we kindly ask you to put a sign in your application „Launched at App Camp”. You choose the format though. Please download our logo here.


The event is free of charge and we don't require author's rights, IP etc., but App Camp logo integration in your app is mandatory.

Can I sponsor App Camp?

App Camp has global and event sponsoring opportunities available. 

- Event opportunities cover annual events in Lithuania.

- Global opportunities cover other possible events internationally.

If you would like to be associated with App Camp and are keen to help make App Camp a success not only in Lithuania - you are welcome to contact us.

App camp history

App Camp events have been organized in Vilnius, Lithuania since December 2010. Second App Camp was the first international event with participants from 10 countries. It has taken place in November 2011. Third App Camp was held in November 2012, it was the biggest mobile apps development event in Baltics and Nordics. You can find live apps in the App Showcase section. All in all during the event we have had:

- Apps developed 110+
- Participants 800+
- Developers 450+
- Ideas 155+
- Teams 140+
- Mentors 90+
- Downloads 500.000+

App showcase


Omnitel Nokia Lumia Microsoft


Tadas Jurelevičius, App Camp event organizer   |   |    +370 624 13068
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